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Sports Day @ NBHIS


On this Thursday and Friday, the Sports Day of Huamao International School was held in the school oval with beautiful sunshine all around.

This Sports Day was divided into two sections: DP group on Thursday and PYP group on Friday. Unlike other sports day, we encouraged all teachers and students to participate in it. Every student should go through all the events. In this way, all members were both athletes and cheerleaders. Each athlete would be given some points according to his performance. Then we calculated all points in groups and the one with highest scores was the champion.

Apart from various sports events, all teachers and students also spoke highly of the idea “all-people participation”. The oval was filled with youth and joy.

Eventuallythe Korean student from HSK and Year 4 from PYP won the championship. Congratulations! Meanwhile, we appreciate all participation by referees, teachers, volunteer and parents coming along.

Now here comes the highlights of the NBHIS Sports Day!

                                                   【Stage Pose

                                                           【In the Game

                                                         Shot Put

                                                           Egg and Spoon Race

                                                            Frisbee Toss

                                                                  Beanbag Toss

                                                              Penalty Kicking



                                                                  Clothes Relay

                                                             Tug of War

                                                               Ball Relay

                                                              Ball Relay

                                                           Ball Relay

                                                              Ball Relay


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