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Sino-Canadian Program

  • In 2014 May by the Ontario College of science and engineering, University of Toronto admission business business Choose to study the commercial business of University of Toronto In those days the exam ...[Dtail]

  • Ye Yuwei May 2014 was admitted to University of Guelph business management economics / Finance Selection of Business Administration of University of Guelph Test results: 463 Original: Huamao junior ...[Dtail]

  • Weng Mengyan 2014 May was admitted to Algoma University of Applied Arts, University of Toronto finance professional Choose to study the University of Toronto Finance Test results: 425 Original: Huam ...[Dtail]

  • Wang Yujia May 2014 was admitted to University of Waterloo mathematics Choose to study the mathematics of University of Waterloo The scholarship amount: $$2000 Test results: 472 Former junior high s ...[Dtail]

  • May 2014 University of Toronto business admission Choose to study the business of University of Toronto The scholarship amount: $$2000 Test results: 527 Original: graduated from junior high school to ...[Dtail]

  • Whilst offers to IBDP graduates are pouring in, a large number of admission letters from Canada to graduates of our Sino-Canadian Program are arriving in this June. Here is the admission news of 9 gra ...[Dtail]

  • Xue`er Wang Admitted by:University of Alberta, University of Toronto Major:Biology ...[Dtail]

  • Zhouyu Zhao Admitted by:University of Toronto Enroll in:University of Toronto Major:Commerce ...[Dtail]

  • Yingying Ma Admitted by:Western University Enroll in:Western University Major:Management & Organizational Studies ...[Dtail]

  • Ningning Song Admitted by:University of Ottawa Enroll in:University of Ottawa Major:Management/Industrial Relation ...[Dtail]

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